Vixen Workout


Vixen is a dance fitness program with professionally choreographed, easy to follow, exciting
routines that are inspired by the live performances and videos of your favorite artists.

Our choreography is inspired by different types of commercial dance: Hip-Hop, House, Dance
Hall, Pop, Jazz-Funk, Latin Fusion, & Street Styles.

Vixen provides a large repertoire of routines from different genres of music & dance so class
can be adapted according to clientele & venue. For Example: Women who attend class in
Miami, love Hip-Hop so my classes are heavy in Hip-Hop music & Hip-Hop choreography. There are other classes that are not so into Hip-Hop, the playlist can be adapted to play more “pop”
music & dance styles (Beyonce, J-Lo, Michael Jackson).

Vixen incorporates plyometrics, squats, lunges and core work, and is one of the first Dance
workouts to be considered HIIT.