Working with Felicia Brinson has opened my eyes to the full scope of healthy living. Through the use of her comprehensive meal plan, her regular and consistent coaching, and her sweat-filled workouts I have been able to change my eating habits, my sleep habits; essentially all my living habits so that I am living a greener, cleaner, healthier lifestyle. I have lost inches off my waistline and fit into my old jeans again. I’ve even grown physically stronger. Basically, I’m my healthier, stronger, and more confident self and that means I’ve brought my sexy back! 😉Jessica Cruz


I had the wonderful opportunity to appreciate the many talents of Ms. Felicia Brinson fitness instructor extraordinaire!
I was exposed and enlightened to a myriad of prepared meals done by her. EVERYTHING tasted delicious. The breakfasts consisted of yogurt, fresh fruit, an occasional egg in a bag, a granola bar and a bottle of water. Lunch consisted of brown rice, fish, full green salads with chicken or fish, fresh carrots and broccoli, snack of whole grain chips, and a bottle of water. Dinner consisted of green salads, brown rice with quinoa, fish, shrimp, lobster, sliders, wine and water. Each day brought forth a different mix of healthy food. It didn’t become boring eating healthy. The food wasn’t dull and it didn’t take all day or night to prepare. After six weeks of eating healthily prepared food my body felt lighter. I didn’t feel bloated. I had more energy. My body responded to the healthy meals favorably. My palate began to distinguish the herbs in the meal. When you’re eating healthily it helps to build your confidence. I began to realize that I could prepare these healthy meals for my family and myself. Every meal was flavorful and prepared at home. Felicia, taught me what the different types salad greens where. She shared with me how to use fresh herbs and spices to make vinaigrette and marinades, how to prepare an egg in a bag, how to use fresh sweet peppers in my salad and as a snack with humus. She explained the importance of drinking water to stay hydrated, what water does inside of your body and that you don’t have to drink it cold all the time. She shared the benefits of preparing your meals in advance and placing them in the refrigerator for easy access, ‘grab and go”. Chiniza Davis

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