Success Stories

“Beyond the amazing workout I received in only 1hr, I enjoyed the sense of community I share with the other men and women in her Zumba classes. She cares about my health and wellness and after just a few classes, I feel like I am beating the pudge this winter and getting my energy back. I strongly recommend her Zumba classes if you are looking for a fun and challenging work out.” – Samantha J.

“I have been with my girl Felicia for about 2 years. I love the motivation she gives all of us. The hour is amazing, I have been exercising my whole life, but my body became defined by taking this Zumba class. Felicia is an amazing teacher, motivator and most of all fun and full of life.” – Gay N.

“I’ve been with Felicia for three years and she’s helped me get into my wedding dress and my dress for my daughter’s wedding. She talks you through the exercises and makes the class more personable even in a class of fifteen or more. It’s like getting a personal trainer in a group setting because she comes over to everyone in the class, tells you to “tighten it up” and I think that’s good.”– Chiniza B.

Success is achieved by eating clean unprocessed foods.  Use my Clean Eating Guide to help you choose the right foods to eat, and to help you stay on track with your nutrition.  Success is maintained through eating the right foods along with physical activity.  Exercising 3 or 4 times a week for 20 to 30 minutes will help you with your change in lifestyle.   You will no longer diet or binge, you will learn what will work best for your body to keep you looking and feeling fabulous.   There is no reason to skip meals and there is no reason to not make healthy food choices.   Follow the examples of Samantha and Chiniza and get the Clean Eating Guide to help you achieve success and get your best body NOW! For more information on my Clean Eating Guide email