Bridal Boot Camp

Fitness dance based cardio designed to help you look your best and fit into the dress.  Get toned arms,  be ready for the beautiful strapless dress.   To get the sexy arms and back. Please contact me for rates, availability and more information.

Sure, looking good in your wedding dress and toning your muscles is certainly a goal for the majority of brides who sign up for a training program, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Having an outlet to channel the stress of planning is one of the biggest factors that keeps women coming back to class.

Brides want to look like the best versions of themselves on their wedding days, and focusing on fitness in the months prior can help them build a glow from the inside and out. The goal isn’t to look skinny, but rather, to look strong and healthy, and to go into the next chapter of your life in fighting form.

Bridal diet tips

In addition to fitting in exercise, pay special attention to your pre-wedding diet, Getting in shape isn’t just about working out.

Focus on vegetables, healthy fats and lean protein

“The fastest way to shed weight quickly is to watch what you eat,” Make vegetables, good fats and lean proteins your primary food intake. This will help you burn fat quickly while de-bloating your body.”

Limit carbohydrates

Resist the temptation to reach for sugary, high-carb foods in response to wedding planning stress. The more carbohydrates you eat, the more your body tends to retain water. “Limiting the amount you take in will help you get rid of excess water weight while increasing your metabolism.”

Brides-to-be should eat the breakfast of a king, lunch of a queen and dinner of a peasant. “Eating larger meals earlier will allow your body to burn off the calories throughout the day and spike your metabolism,” she explains. “Having a larger dinner will cause your body to store more fat because you will most likely be sedentary and not burning many calories.”  You will learn how to shift from fat storing to fat burning.